From Dorothy Calvert

Dear Garry,

Passing you in the village the other day reminded me that, to my shame, I never did get back to you properly about the chair you made for me.  I hope it’s not too late to do that now and I am sorry it has taken so long.

As you may remember I came to you to enquire about your chairs because I was suffering terrible back problems since my car crash and subsequent broken neck etc.  Soft sofas are very nice after a hard day’s work, but not at all good for the back believe me.  I am still impressed that you understood exactly what I meant and were able to make my bespoke chair, with what I recall considerable osteopathic knowledge of how the back works.

I had always admired your chairs and other work, without ever dreaming I’d own one myself.  You went to so much trouble to make the chair “fit” me and my particular issues and I thought it was time I fed back to you that it has been a total blessing.  After a day of weaving my back can be properly ‘kinked’ and I can spend a couple of hours in your chair and everything is back to normal again.  It really works!!!  Odd times when I have not spent any time on it in a day, I really can tell the difference so it has been a real enhancement to my life.

Equally important to me though.  As a maker myself, what gives me an even greater thrill, and something I appreciate deeply, is the care and attention to design and detail you invested in the chair. And all your work that I have seen.  The use of different woods, the 100% perfect ‘finish’, and not least that you have such an interesting and admirable sustainable approach to your work and the world around you.  It is not just a chair (and goodness knows that would be enough!!) but it is a work of art.  Visitors always remark on it.

When people have bought a piece of my weaving, I often wonder afterwards how they live with it.  We rarely hear back once it has left the bosom of the workshop, right?  Which is why I thought you’d appreciate some positive feedback.  A big thank you once more and may you continue to bring other people the same joy you have brought me.

With very best wishes,