Put up your arms my friend
And Pull down the sky.
Cause an echo
that carries a wood peckers cry.
Our Feet clothed, by cool spring blue bells together
Their pure shock grace your earthly tether.
I the freeling, must impatient grow,
As the saplings piers, the maiden sows,
And together away,
away we grow.
We. Lumps of carbon sunning ourselves through the dusky days
Now playing with whispers through the winters winds
I’ll climb to you always. I’ll greet you with love
I’ll share this hill with you family,
Invited only by my innocence,
and the spinning of the world.
You can stand stronger than the whims of man
You can give more than our taking hand
You ask nothing of what we know
For today as you stand drifted in winter snow
above the patterns of the murderous crows
And in this moment I remember those,
who hooked at Hazel at your toes .
and turned away from the shelter of this wood
to war and blooded gouts of mud.
Who’s  talent for perpetual life ,
is now hidden by our memorial strife.
I cry, Life, for life, for life
For in many years to come
I will shape and shave you to fit our bones
And if to take this edge and saw from my hand
No need would there be for you to stand.
And all these islands of tranquillity
Would loose their timeless vitality
Would any of us know of this loss
As no more arses,
a Windsor seat,
would gloss.

~Garry Marcham