• Testimonials

    Master craftsman Garry Marcham at work

  • From Ailbhe Keogan

    I was looking for a chair I could call my own for life; somewhere I could go and think. My husband had a beautiful Windsor chair made for me by Garry. It is a thing of beauty. I am small yet the chair is generous without dwarfing me. Instead, it cradles me. I will grow old in it. Wiser too…hopefully. Ailbhe Keogan  – Writer

  • From Walter Castellazzo

    Garry is a wonderful maker with an organic understanding of wood, a passion for design and an intuitive eye for detail. He has an ability to interpret design and advise on the overall concept. His craftmanship is extraordinary, both in a professional and personal capacity, Garry at Goose Island will always produce that outstanding piece. Walter Castellazzo at WCD Design London

  • From Dorothy Calvert

    Dear Garry,

    Passing you in the village the other day reminded me that, to my shame, I never did get back to you properly about the chair you made for me.  I hope it’s not too late to do that now and I am sorry it has taken so long.

    As you may remember I came to you to enquire about your chairs because I was suffering terrible back problems since my car crash and subsequent broken neck etc.  Soft sofas are very nice after a hard day’s work, but not at all good for the back believe me.  I am still impressed that you understood exactly what I meant and were able to make my bespoke chair, with what I recall considerable osteopathic knowledge of how the back works.

    I had always admired your chairs and other work, without ever dreaming I’d own one myself.  You went to so much trouble to make the chair “fit” me and my particular issues and I thought it was time I fed back to you that it has been a total blessing.  After a day of weaving my back can be properly ‘kinked’ and I can spend a couple of hours in your chair and everything is back to normal again.  It really works!!!  Odd times when I have not spent any time on it in a day, I really can tell the difference so it has been a real enhancement to my life.

    Equally important to me though.  As a maker myself, what gives me an even greater thrill, and something I appreciate deeply, is the care and attention to design and detail you invested in the chair. And all your work that I have seen.  The use of different woods, the 100% perfect ‘finish’, and not least that you have such an interesting and admirable sustainable approach to your work and the world around you.  It is not just a chair (and goodness knows that would be enough!!) but it is a work of art.  Visitors always remark on it.

    When people have bought a piece of my weaving, I often wonder afterwards how they live with it.  We rarely hear back once it has left the bosom of the workshop, right?  Which is why I thought you’d appreciate some positive feedback.  A big thank you once more and may you continue to bring other people the same joy you have brought me.

    With very best wishes,


  • The Windsor Love Seat

    I was first approached in the summer of 2014 by a good friend of mine and asked if I could make a Windsor love seat. This was a piece that I had looked at in the past but as yet had still not made one. A budget figure was agreed and a making date secured.

    The client’s house was a very contemporary space filled with all types of art, paintings and sculpture. The clean lines of the interior allowed each piece I saw in this home to sit individually but the careful placing of it all has led to a flow of work by many different artists and makers’. That is infused with interest and beauty. The entrance hall however was empty and this was where the bench was set to go.

  • About Goose Island

    Goose Island Workshop uses unique making techniques. We mix it up because we identified a long time ago that we do not have to reinvent the wheel to make things more beautiful, stronger and more valuable. By adding value through strength and aesthetic design we create unique pieces of furniture both production pieces and bespoke.

    Our small rural workshop is typical of workshops that were found in Ireland and Great Britain 50 years ago. Much of our work involves the use of green wood. This approach to the use of local trees will lead to a greater appreciation of the value of woodland to Irish farmers and landowners. All our wood is selected for its sustainability. Goose Island Workshop will offer three concepts in contemporary furniture through our artisan, signature and legacy ranges.

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